Talking about Taipei, it’s either food, or food, or FOOD, or maybe some shopping or partying.  So as you all know, I have gone to Taipei for a good 7 days and - apparently - have eaten a lot.  I have a very small stomach.  I may not eat a lot but I get hungry really quickly.  I am the kinda animal girlfriends that get totally tamed after I get fed.

So without further ado, Get Fat with the Postman in Taipei, before our saliva drips!  So follow us now!
And yes, check out our #FollowDearPostmanToTaipei Part I and Part II if you haven’t.

Oh my lord, doing these kind of blogposts makes me soooo hungry.  For sure some kind of love-hate-hangry relationship.  Eat now and gym after - always the biggest lie ever but I don't care.