Coming to our 3rd volume of the #FollowDearPostmanTo CAFEs (HK), I have to admit - with all my heart - that food posts are my favourite kind of blog posts to do.  Simply because I can eat while I shoot.  But the bad side is that I have to resist from aggressively swallowing everything down.  

Without further ado, as craving as I am, the following are 3 restaurants I visited and felt so hard to resist from eating.  And yeh, I was waiting desperately behind the camera.

# Ethos
After the first time I was brought there, I have always wanted to go back, for one simple reason - the vibe.  And I had.  Fun Fact: I used to hate eating alone.  I never ate alone.  I rather not eat than eating alone and that’s how much I resisted from eating alone.  Yet, this place was the first place I ate alone and more importantly, I really enjoyed that alone time.  One reason for that is their really relaxing and easy vibe that makes me feel so comfortable sitting there, doing my work, enjoying myself, without plugging my earphones in loud.  If you are looking for a loner-friendly cafe, that’s where you should visit.

Recommendation: French Fries with 3 sauces, Apple Delight Tea (that comes in a pot)

Address: 93 Hill Road, Kennedy Town, Western District 西環堅尼地城山道93號西環-法國菜-all-day-breakfast-r434742

# Ted’s Lookout
Quite different from the hipster cafes we recommended before, Ted’s Lookout is more of a Western cafe / bar place.  Nice food, nice vibe, nice afterwork chill place.  It might not look big, but trust me it has all you need.  If you are a burger lover, or someone with Choice Phobia Disorder, uh huh, Ted’s Lookout has you covered.  You will be served your perfect burger only by ticking those boxes on their menu.  Pineapple, Avocado, Cheese or no cheese, what sauce, you name it.  And of course, not gonna forget their extraordinary fries too.  I am not gonna tell you what’s so different about them, go try yourself.  Ted’s Lookout makes sure you go in with a hungry mind, and come out with a good food coma.

Address: G/F, Moonful Court, 17A Moon Street, Wan Chai 灣仔月街17A號月豐閣地下灣仔-美國菜-r124320


# Cafe 8
Coming to the last cafe of the blog, it may not be the most glamorous cafe, it may not have the most choices, it may not have that classy or loud vibes.  Yet, Café 8 is a unique collaboration between the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and The Nesbitt Centre and creates a progressive environment for members of our society with learning disabilities. This social enterprise not only to provides employment opportunities to those with special needs, but enables them to integrate with the local community, interact with people from all walks of life, and expand their work and life experiences.
I have to admit they do not have a lot of food options, but whatever they serve, are the best they can offer.  On top of the food are their most genuine and sweet smiles that warm your heart up.  Visit to feel it.

Address: Roof, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Pier 8, Central 中環8號碼頭香港海事博物館天台觀景廳中環-美國菜-r167763

Ethos fills your hungry stomach and your hungrier sole.  Ted’s Lookout makes sure you go in with a hungry mind, and come out with a good food coma.  Cafe 8 gives you an open heart.

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