Everyone around me knows this “Chloe’s 3 nevers” I insist and will never change:

  1. Never gonna cut my hair
  2. Never give in to calories and stop losing weight
  3. Never stop … (secret)

I guess it’s pretty obvious what this article is about simply judging from the heading – and I guess that’s also the reason why you all press into this.  Yes!  - of course it’s about haircare.  I love my hair.  It’s for sure my favourite part of myself and the only part I feel really proud of – Hair.

My hair is long, super long (I literally just measured it and it’s 77cm (approx. 30 inches)).  I am 160cm so my hair is like half of me.  And like every other girl, I dyed it, I bleached it, curled it, permed it, straightened it – every possible damage, you name it.  I had even got wax strips on my hair while me and my classmates were messing up some truth or dare during class, which ended up cutting a damn bunch of hair.  Yet, I am lucky enough to inherit strong hair from my mum.  But somehow the genes are not enough to sustain so much damage that it started to get serious dead ends and lose the natural shine.

So if you wonder how I regain the shine and health of my hair, that's the haircare routine I do, daily.  Yes, daily.  Hair is not something you can change in a click, it requires time and accumulation of efforts, so much efforts.  

Disclaimer: Everyone has different hair, so I can't guarantee that magic works on you.  But I hope, at least it can make some change!  I have a strong and thick hair type, non-sensitive scalp, and am not a sweaty person.  I used to have much more hair before I studied in the UK, but the water there is hurting my hair, as you all overseas students will know.

So follow me and start the magic hair journey!

1. Hairwash

I am very picky with shampoos and conditioners, because they are very important in the haircare routine.  I always change my shampoos and conditioners, depending on my hair conditions.  So it's no surprise if you see 2-3 different bottles in my bathroom.  And I insist using the pair together, somehow thinking that they give me the best effect.

If you have dyed or bleached hair, go for the colour stay or super moisturising ones - TREsemme and VS are good
If you find your hair quite flat, go for the volumizing shampoo - TREsemme
If you think it's losing the shine - VS and Asience
If you find your scalp  greasy, go for those with stronger cleaning functions - Nioxin or Premium 2001, never use DOVE
If your hair is too dry or brittle - defo TREsemme, VS, Asience and LUX
For the best smell in town - TREsemme, VS, Asience, Clairol and LUX, I am sure your hair smells like flowers.

The ones in the photos are the Ma Cherie shampoos and conditioners.  Hands down, this Japanese brand gives me the softest, sleekest hair.  It smells wonderful too.  The only problem is that they are a little pricey compared to the other ones.  But they are worth the price after all.

*One other top tip* I always go for the Asian hair edition since somehow they work way better on us.

2. Wash - Method and Water Temperature

Here comes the important part - and some very limited remaining knowledge about chemistry LOL.  Because of acids and alkalis pH value matters, always always make sure you rinse your hair well and wash all shampoo away.  Be gentle with your hair, they are not random strings on your head.  Wash it twice if you have long hair, one to wash dirts away and the second to keep it clean.

Balance the pH with your conditioner - this is the part when your hair gets protection while the conditioner locks the moisture and nutrients in the hair.  Never let the conditioner reach your scalp which can block the pores and make your scalp greasy.  Once again, rinse well and wash them away with water.

Don't use overly hot water because it harms your scalp and breaks the protection layer of your hair.  Ie. in other words, makes it dry.

3. Hair mask

You don't need to do it every day, but at least once a week, or better, twice.  You can use the onces in a tub or these shower caps ones.  Slightly dry your hair or twist your hair to squeeze the extra water out before you apply the mask.  Then, apply the mask in whatever way it instructs you to, leave it for 5min (read the instructions, every brand can be different) and rinse it well.  I usually sing a song or shave my body while I wait.

I am sure you can immediately full the moisture and softness of the hair right after you wash it away.  It's like a hair reboot and detox after a week's continuous damages.

Recommendations: VS or Clairol for sure

4. Dry and comb

I know a lot of girls who don't dry or comb their hair.  But it's actually very important.  One, I cannot not dry since it's so long and it will just keep dripping until I flood my house.  Second, wet hair attracts dust.  If you don't dry it, it's like letting it soak in the air of dust and bad smell.  So always dry it slightly with your tower.  By drying it, I don't mean rubbing it with your towel.  Be gentle again, because rubbing it too hard will break the protection and make it brittle.  I usually wrap it up while I get dressed and my face mask on so that I can lock the moisture in the hair.

And then while I am waiting for my face mask to be done, I will comb it from top to bottom gently.  It's not a rug on your head so be gentle.  I only use combs with wide gaps so that my hair doesn't get so flat.  I have tried tangle teezers but I find it quite hard to hold especially when I have so much hair and it can get quite messy after all.

5. Hair oil - very important!

While your hair is still half wet, apply the hair oil.  This is the most important part of my haircare routine I'd say because it's what shows the biggest, most obvious magic on my hair.  Apply when it's wet so that the oil blends into the remaining moisture and gets absorbed by your hair.  If your hair is dry, I find it quite hard to be absorbed and it can give your that greasy hair look, so never.

Split your hair into 2 strands and apply about 2-3 pumps for each strand (long hair).  Don't apply it on the hair directly.  Rub your hands, pump the oil onto your warmed palms, slowly apply the oil from the middle to the bottom.  Do not apply the top - the oil will block the pores.

This one I'm using is the Diptyque Satin Oil for Body and Hair.  Hands down, they give my hair the best smell, literally.  But this is a bit different since it's a spray so I will use up to 10 sprays per strand.

Recommendations: Moroccanoil, Diptyque, DOVE, Argan oil of Morocco

6. Blow dry

Last but not least, blow dry.  Make sure you blow dry your hair.  First, if you don't make sure it's dry, it's gonna be flat and greasy the next morning.  Second, more importantly, it gives you headaches.  So if you don't have a habit of blow dry, start tonight.

There's not much skills regarding blow drying, except for make sure it's completely dry.  When I say completely dry, I mean dry from the scalp to the bottom.  Make sure the root of your hair is dry too.  It's okay whether you comb it or not while you dry.  If you are looking for straight and sleek hair, then yes, comb it and blow it down.  If you want a more volumized hair, then don't.

I know that blow dry can be part of the styling, so I better leave it to my hair updos tutorial later.

I have recently just got my hands on Dyson hairdryer and it's wonderful.  Strong, quick and doesn't give you that dry and hot dead air - girls know.  One only thing I can criticise will be, it's pretty loud.  But I guess all hairdryers are, so, it's not much a problem after all.

Hairdryers!  Found this really useful guide about choosing your most suitable hairdryer: https://www.reviews.com/hair-dryer/


Honestly, this article is taking me way more time I expected.  Probably because of the amount of information I'd like to share.  And it's only through typing do I realise how much details there can be for haircare.  There's no bad hair days.  There are only lazy girls.  So start tonight and let the magic work on you and me!

Give me some time and I will do my Curling Hair Tutorial as well soon.