So last week I was talking about letting go and dumping memories that drag you behind (read my previous article here).  (Hope you don't mind me talking about recent thoughts and stuff rather than fashion again, LOL)  This time I wanna continue with the topic, but this time about holding on.

Like letting go, holding on to something is equally hard, or may be harder.  I am very stubborn like I've said before.  And I am very persistent and determined at the same time.  I know what I want, I know that I need it, and I won't back off until I achieve my target.  But there will always be times when you ask yourself whether you should let go or hold on.  Those gaps and cracks between beliefs that keep you struggle - and drowned.  You may even question and challenge your entire belief or decision: whether that is really what's happening, or those are mere illusions.  Is that what I want?  If it is, is that also what others want?  

Yeh, cracks.  Cracks that hit you all of a sudden and hold you back from your original beliefs, that make you think you have been wrong the whole time.  Cracks.  They may be big, or bad, or you find it so irreversible that you'd rather throw the thing away to create the illusion that cracks never exist.  We all know.  Running away from problems is always way easier than stemming your feet down and fixing the crack.  But cracks are meant to be fixed, not dumped.  You never truly fix the crack until you face it and stay focus.

It's hard, I know, especially when no one's there to tell you what you should do.  Stay, or not stay?  You don't know.  And by that time, may be you should look back at where it all begins and remind yourself why it all starts at the first place.  Never lose faith and confidence because there's no right or wrong.  Right or wrong, you define it.

Yeh, cracks, like cracks in a relationship.  One day he/she may tell you a total opposite from what you thought, and that thought strikes you right on your face.  But does that mean that you can run away from the crack?  No.  Never run away and later regret chances you could have taken.  Stay, and focus on the root, remind yourself how much you used to want it that you should not just run away now.

Cracks did not just appear from nowhere, there are always two sides to it.  

Guys resist temptations while girls embrace loneliness, they say.
But before that, ask yourself,
whether you have kept yourself lovable and attractive enough that no one can replace you.

 Or whether you have spent enough time with her, loved her and cared for her.

Ask yourself.

Hold on and never run away.  Go back to where it all begins.

(both silk bomber and dress from Blanc Label (Taiwan))

More photos at Postcard.