It’s been a while I talked about my thoughts.  There are a few reasons for that.  The biggest reason among all is that I haven’t let myself think.  I am someone who needs private time, a lot of private time - a lot of private time to think, reflect and move on.  One of my favourite quotes, which I think apply to everyone is that,

Along the things and events you experience every day you accumulate memories, some good and some bad.  Slowly your bag of memories gets heavier and heavier every day, until one day it starts to drag you and make it difficult to move forward.  By this time, you should clear up your bag.  Leave things behind, especially things you have been blindly insisting, and move on.  Only after you start to let go will you be able to move far and move quick.

It’s not the easiest thing to do, I know.  I may seem very happy every day with all those photos and smiley faces.  But every one has his/her ups and downs.  And to be completely honest, I can be very stubborn.  Stubborn enough to drag myself into the same loop and torture myself again, again and again for the same thing.  I do anti-social shits too.  I listen to sad songs until I cry; I read my past diaries; I look at photos that remind me of my best times.  All sad shits that drag me backwards and staple the new me to past memories.

But then girl, honestly, is that doing any good to yourself?  We all know the answer.  Yeh, past memories are amazing, but they belong to the past, not now.  You are not only torturing yourself, but your loved ones.  Your constantly being sad is also being selfish, because bad vibes spread as quickly as good vibes, and no one enjoys bad vibes.  I am not saying people don’t wanna be contaminated by bad vibes, but they don’t want to see you suffer and have nothing they can do to help.  No one is able to tell you if your tomorrow is going to be great, but you have the choice to make it great.  What you have to do is, close your old diary and write a new one.  Let go and move on, until you see the other side of the rainbow.

These are photos from one of my happiest shootings.  I don’t know why but I guess colours do cheer people up.  Come with me to the other side of the rainbow now!

Shot at Choi Hung Estate (equivalent to rainbow in English)

Shot at Choi Hung Estate (equivalent to rainbow in English)

I know being happy is not easy.  That’s why I’m not here to just say things like “Stay happy”, “You can do it” and etc.  I am here to work with every one of you, to think, to drop things behind, and, ultimately, to move on.

Always remember being alone is not equivalent to being lonely.  They are two entirely different things.  Being alone can be a good thing and can in fact be quite enjoyable, depending on how you take the alone time.  No one likes to be lonely and it’s completely okay to feel lonely at times.  But don’t staple yourself down in the lonely situation.  Like many of you, I used to hate eating alone in restaurants, hate watching movies alone, hate being with myself.  But somehow I am learning to enjoy being alone.  I started to explore cafes myself, eat lunch alone, go art exhibition alone, and still feeling great, or greater.  I get to talk to strangers, meet new friends and see more things that I would have missed when I am with someone else.  Slowly I realise being alone is not necessarily bad.  

Let go and move on, girl.  It's not easy to persuade someone to be happy but I hope does cheer you up (at least that's why I am here).  My bag of past memories is somehow feeling so much lighter now and I hope yours is too.  Stay loved and loving, my dear, hehe.

More photos on Postcard.

Love xx