Following from the Part I of #FollowDearPostmanToTaipei, here’s the Part II of it!  Don’t think I said it last time, but we actually went there for 6 days.  That’s how chill we want our trip to be.  (Oh, by the way, fun fact, my mum asked me how “chill” is spelt and why everyone is using that word LOL.)  Especially for places like Taipei - with nothing really exciting going on - we thought we might as well just chill and enjoy.  

After the rainy day, we were so lucky to get a blue sky back (nice).  So some of us decided to do some real touristy thing at Zhong Zheng Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂!  And thanks for the blue sky I can wear this new Polka dot bodysuit from Zara.  It was love at first sight, it was.  It’s too cute that I cannot not buy it.  So here it is.

Credits to my photographer, it was done in one shot.  On the opposite, hers was the sixth or seventh time(?!)...

I was trying to look through my pictures the other day and I guess in around 70% of the photos(?) I was doing some stupid poses.  All I remembered from those was that they told me that was in fact the square of freedom and then I started to run everywhere imitating those freedom posters.

Anyways, after some intensive runnings, it’s time for food, of course.  So we headed to the new food hipster area at the Commune A7 at Zhongxiao District.  It’s pretty much like those weekend markets or food markets.  Fries, chicken, fancy desserts, alcohols, all those camping food, you name them.  We chilled and chatted for a while, until we started to get our feet back on the ground.

It's always my habit to catch the sunrise or sunset of the places I travel to (at least I hope).  I just think like they are always different and always unique with a different background, a different colour or it's just because your mood won't be the same again the next time.
I have wanted to hike up the Xiangshan pathway 象山步道 for so long (have come to Taipei 3 times but still haven't done it, now you know).  To be completely fair, it wasn't the easiest pathway.  Heaps of stairs up until the top, but once you reach the top, it's all so worth it.  And the lights-up of 101 Tower too.  Can't end a day better than that.

For our next day, we got ourselves prepared for another photo day, this time at the National Taiwan University 國立台灣大學.  And before getting directly into the Uni, we came across the ShuiYuan Market 水源市場, which is 15min-walk away from the uni.  The building is so cute.  It was just a market, but its ulterior is entirely BLUE, patches of blues.  So we decided to stop by to take a few photos which turned out to be 1 hour and 300 photos (as usual).  But it was all worth it.  Secretly wishing something that artistic can happen in Hong Kong as well~

Then, the main course, National Taiwan University.  The campus was quite big.  And like what happens in Taiwan movies, they are literally the same in reality.  Students cycle around, secretly date under the tree and things like that.  

And of course, as usual, we look for their library (which is always the prettiest building among the campus).  To our surprise, and quite hilariously indeed, what we noticed were (i) there are not many books in the library; (ii) not many students in it; and (iii) many students in the library are sleeping.  It might be because we went at the wrong time or whatever reasons.  Anyways that was just funny.

The architecture is pretty of course, mostly concrete, mostly grey, adding textures to the overall area.

After that, we taxied to much appreciated Huashan 1914 Creative Park 華山1914文化創意產業園區 where many exhibitions and hipster culture things are located at.  There we found Ri Xing Type Foundry 日星鑄字行 in Taiwan!  Literally the last word-print factory standing (find more here).

Got this cup of milk tea there.  Note the words on the cup.

And of course, the legendary Team Lab Exhibition.  If you have read my travelogue at Singapore (#FollowDearPostmanToSingapore), you might have already noticed that it wasn’t my first time at their exhibition.  And I AM STILL INFACTURATED with them.

I apologise that this wasn't the shortest blog at all (in fact the longest).  But I didn't wanna just rush it through.  So I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed Taipei!  What's our next destination?

Until next time, Taipei!

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