Before I get into the main topic, allow me to make a little update of my life.  This post was supposed to go on board last Friday.  However, since I went to Taipei, I decided to just give myself a little social media detox for myself.  No instagram, no facebook, no blog, but some time for myself, which was extremely useful.  And now that I have rested well enough, I am back at them guys.

If you have followed us tight enough, you might have noticed some sneak peek of the new earrings collection at  Finally, after some (big) delays, we proudly present our new earrings collection again!  This time, quite away from our ceramics slash black-and-white style, we decided to play along the golden hardware and tassels path, “LIT UP”.

“Accessories are not only accessories, but necessities.  Lit it Up!”

Once again, head over to DearPostman online shop (coming up soon!) for more and more products!  Some of them are even 100% handmade and designed by us!  So quickly head over and show some love!

And one more thing, for all the no-earrings people, here’s the ear clips available section for all of you!  Don’t let it be the problem.

To shop/inquire, please follow the alternatives below:

1. Wechat: DearPostman
2. Instagram: DearPostman
3. Facebook page: Dear Postman
4. Contact Us

Due to some technical matters, we apologise that we can only show prices in AUD dollars.  So please inbox us or head over to our Instagram for all prices in HKD.

For other inquiries, please go to our FAQ.

Check out our previous collection: Under the Same Sky, FULL/half

Love again,