It's been a while I haven't written something about myself for a few reasons.  First life's been very occupied with school work and life.  PCLL hasn't been as relaxing as I thought.  But then I am truly grateful to have my crazy law squad with me, all fun, all good and always too hilarious to concentrate.  They have made everything much more bearable.

Second, it takes a bit of time to settle back to the Hong Kong lifestyle.  Big things've been happening around me.  Very complicated issues I am afraid.  Too complicated to a point that I started to struggle between right and wrong.

No matter how bad life's been hitting you right now, keep your heart strong, because if you are not there to be strong, no one else can help you.  Keep your belief big and bright regardless.  Here's some recent updates of my lifeee and baes.

HappyBirthday to this Princess.

HappyBirthday to this Princess.

Last, let me leave you with my fav and the most accurate personality test.  There's no single person who doesn't go away with the exactly-me-face.

If you gotta be an animal, what will you be and why - answer based on its characteristics.
If you cannot be that animal, what will you be then and why - answer based on its characteristics;
Last, if you cannot be those two animals, what will you be and why - again, based on its characteristics.

Got it now?

Here's the solution:
The first animal represents "how you want others to see you";
The second animal represents "how people actually see you";
Last, the third animal represents "who you really are".

I want people to see me as a dog, all lovely, loyal and friendly;
Yet people see me as a cat, cool, sexy, and rational;
And down to my heart, I want to be a horse, desperate for freedom.

So, what are you?

I don't know what people will prefer: fashion, food, lifestyle or something more personal like my story (or bullshits).  I just suddenly feel like doing something more casual and closer to my mind.  So stay tuned with more ideas!

I will wait for you, like I've always been.

With love,