Allow me to repeat, it’s absolutely cold in HK - not freezing yet tho.  Feeling cold is surely something people don’t think I do, by how less I wear averagely.  But, when I do wear layers over layers, it does mean something.  Possibly because I am no longer used to the frozen weather under the Union Jack land - or that hk doesn't usually have heaters around - this November has been colder than I thought it will be.
(For those who have probably noticed - or even more probably, teased me for this reason - I have a bad sense as to termperature and what should be worn.  Thick knits for a 26 and off-shoulder for a 16, mm now you know what I mean.)

Anyways, what keeps you warmest?  FOOD absolutely.  Here are 3 cafes/resto I have enjoyed recently!  Time for another FollowDearPostmanToCAFEs now!

# Omotesando Koffee
I absolutely absolutely love this one.  Thier design, their coffee, their vibes.  They just cure my annoyance with the cold weather and make me happy.  Nothing can go wrong with clean lines, concrete and wood.  Not gonna lie I had so much fun playing with their moving chairs, which are so clever, so chic..  And before I go too far with their design, their coffee and brownie are great too.  I think they have come up with a new snack since the time I went, gonna try that too.  Need not talk about their coffee because it’s just great.  And make sure you get their custard brownie.  It has a special texture and well-balanced sweetness that I immediately fall in love with.

Address: Shop G24-25, Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai 灣仔皇后大道東200號利東街G24-25號舖

# Scoool Days 小時光
The classroom-restaurant coming straight out from the Taiwan’s great hit movies.  Somewhere you get to be the school role model girl in the movie and get that bi-dong (= the guy pressing against the wall) kiss by the most rebellious guy in the class while being detained ah-ha.
As for food, I just genuinely love Taiwanese food.  School Days does great bento set in a reasonable price.  Must try: Brown Sugar Milk Tea - the Brown sugar comes in forms of jelly which blends perfectly with the Taiwan-style milk tea

Address: Flat C, 1/F, Mai Hing Industrial Building Block A, 18 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong 觀塘興業街18號美興工業大廈A座1樓C室

# Elephant Ground
I believe it’s not something new to you all, possibly mainly by their icecream sandwich.  This time, I’m gonna bring you to their equally satisfying mains rather than just light bites.  So good.  They have the menu you can’t pick anything because you want anything.  Get a different one with your friend and share - the golden rule to happiness.

Address: G/F, Win Fung Building, 8 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai 灣仔永豐街8號永豐大廈地舖

Food is giving me happiness nothing can replace - the smile I get whenever I eat great stuff.  Hong Kong you’re just experts for it!  Tell me what you think if you’ve tried any of it.  And don’t forget to give me recommendations of cafes you love!

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With love,