Here comes the season of music festival, are you guys ready for the party yet?  And for those who hasn't been to one, or who has been but wants to enjoy more, here's 6 tips to a Music Festival!

I call that the most important thing among all.  Dress up!  Do google to get inspos of what people wear in the past.
But do avoid things that are a lilll bit too sexy.  It may get a bit tacky when you try to dance and jump and shake without flashing.  So a lil tip here.

On me: Topshop cut-out bodysuit / Topshop denim shorts / Red bow / Charles&Keith beige bucket

On me: Topshop cut-out bodysuit / Topshop denim shorts / Red bow / Charles&Keith beige bucket

Make Up
Something that’s not gonna smash in the heat and drunkness - something that keeps you pretty all night long.  Smash-proof, water-proof, heat-proof, anything-proof.  You won’t want to look trashed in the piles of photos - you have no idea when they are taken - all over your facebook wall.  It’s okay to try something extraordinary, dark lips, winged eyeline, you name it because it’s your party now!

It’s gonna get very very sweaty and there will be a long time you won’t be able to go to the washroom to fix yourself.  Bring deodorant to prevent that bad smell.  Wet tissues will be handy when you wanna clean your hands a bit.  And wear something that’s not gonna show those embarrassing sweat patches too.  We all know that’s not pleasant at all, especially if you are with the girl/guy you try to impress.

Do as much accessories as you want since there aren’t that many chances you can do that with your squad!  And who’s not gonna like those funny drunkie squad photos with you all dressing up like unicorns after years?

Eat before you go in!  Normally they will check your bag at the entrance to avoid you bringing any food in.  But food is very very expensive in there.  So make sure you get enough energy for the entire night.  EAT!

Don’t go in too early!
The later the better, just because you will have to stand and dance the whole night.  The climax/best performance groups usually come last.  So check the official timetable in advance so that you don't miss anything.

And last, good luck and enjoy!

Here are photos of me at Road to Ultra: Hong Kong 2016!  Martin Garrix was simply geniussss and bringing Ultra to another level.

So now, see you at Clockenflap 2016!

With love,