Entering the Victorian-style Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day, up from the elegant chandelier to the small antique teacups and cutlery from Blooms Tea, you are immediately absorbed into the 80s garden tea party, surrounded by the royal aroma by Parfumerie Trésor.  Around you is nothing hi-tech, new or quick, but the finest silk flowers from Bunny Garden and decent finger food by Rachel’s Kitchen and people who share the same level of elegance.  Meanwhile you might want to enjoy the floral arrangement tutorial by Soloman Bloemen where you can find the ethos brought to another level.  Or you might as well grab that hat from Annette and *CHARK* get that shot down with a vintage film camera.

Once again, thanks Benny from Parfumerie Trésor for having me and Jaime at their launch event of the Be A Lady project at Another Fine Day!  (You can find my previous interview with them here).  It was absolutely amazing being showered with free flow of flowers, classy fingerfood, wine, perfume and everything nice.

Be A Lady Project is the first annual boutique pop-up event by seven premium brands.  Each lifestyle brand will bring their own take on how to be a lady and look back to the past for inspiration.  In this fast paced city, we seem to forget the etiquette and charm needed to be an elegant lady.  *Goodies time!* The seven brands aim to bring those values back to the modern day girl through a series of workshops and events throughout the November calendar - nothing but classiness, manners and elegance!  

7 Rules to Being a Lady (each represented by a brand)

Rule 1 by Annette: A Lady shows elegance when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.

Rule 2 by Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day: A Lady offers you a nice cup of tea.

Rule 3 by Blooms Tea: A Lady looks to the past to inspire her future.

Rule 4 by Bunny Garden: A Lady should pursue timeless beauty.

Rule 5 by Parfumerie Trésor: For a Lady, perfume is necessarily a necessity.

Rule 6 by Rachel’s Kitchen: A Lady should master at least one dish that will impress her guests.

Rule 7 by Solomon Bloemen: A Lady should embrace life in full bloom.

Counting down to the last one and a half month of 2016 and 41 days till Christmas!  NOVEMBER’s always a good month I tell you - a good month for you to get pampered and get prepared for all the year-end upcoming celebrations.  Upcoming with Be A Lady will be endless workshops such as Christmas icecream making, Flowers in a Tea cup arrangements, Perfume and Tea tasting and many, many more.

If you have no idea where to head to, thanks God, Be a Lady’s here with the girliest things you can ever do with your bffs or even your boyfriend!  See you on the way to Being a Lady!

More info about Be a Lady: http://www.bloomsacademy.org/schedule/
Upcoming events: http://www.bloomsacademy.org/schedule/4593138192

And! starting from today we are going to countdown for christmas! 41Days till Christmas!

With Love,