My 366 days of 21, and that I am lucky enough to earn another day in 2016, so here it is: 366 days.

Being a keen party-thrower, there’s nothing better than coming up with themes of my own birthday parties!  And what’s even better, is sourcing for the most appropriate outfit - which you know, you may not be wearing anymore!  Nothing can be wrong, since girl, it’s your day today.  It’s all yours.  And thanks everyone who has made up for the best dress code now, celebrate parties to its fullest.
Here’s some behind-the-scenes of my 22nd birthday parties: Black lace, afternoon tea, and Pyjamas!  Spot all your happy smiles!

Black Lace becomes Legit
Hell ya definitely my favourite dress code among all! The case of lace addiction.  Black Lace is definitely the legit one for a 22nd Burfday partay!  A touch of sexiness because hey, you were over your 21.
On top of that, with my two sassy ladies at Brasserie on the Eighth in Conrad Hong Kong.  (You knew it when someone tried to avoid the topic by raising her glass, you just knew.)

Tea at its Highest - Cafe 103
A cafe I have always wanted to visit for its altitude, and here’s the time - birthdays!  Tho the weather was a little gloomy and the food was average, the view was still fab.  Navy pleated jumpsuit!  Perfect fit, perfect texture, classy.

VGY store jumpsuit / Chanel Boy Caviar Medium

VGY store jumpsuit / Chanel Boy Caviar Medium

Let’s PJ!
Unlike the above, I have decided to go for a theme from the other end of my usual stick, something down to earth, something cosy and cute - Let’s PYJAMAS with Headbands!  Can’t be more grateful for whoever puts these all together for me.  Every single of you, along with the cake and the balloons brought the party in my dream alive in reality, nothing simple but beyond.  I was thinking of a baby blue birthday cake with a merry-go-round and here it is, something that only lives in my dream (credits to the cake genius @jw6246).  
And most importantly, people who always bear with me, and never leave again.  People who have witnessed my growth and still love me for who I am.  Special thanks to my bff Francesca for arranging details of my party and comforting me the night before while I totally stressed out.  I couldn’t have wished more that you were here.

Cake: Instagram @jw6246
Balloon Surprise Box: @helloboraball
Venue: Suite at Jplus Hotel by yoo


21 has been a hella big year for me, final year of law, graduation, settling back in HK and many more.  But for having you all my friends, my family beside me, I wouldn’t and couldn’t have made it through.  No matter you are able to make it or not, y' all messages and blessings are the best thing I can ever get.  Don't worry, they are well kept at the bottom of my heart now, love you xx

And last,

Thank you, thank you, thank you and happy birthday to me again,.

More photos at Postcard.