Out of the woods we climb up the rocks at SaiKung Geological Park.  You may be as surprised as I am right now that we Hong Kong has our own geological park.  Right, we do have one and it’s actually one of the largest one in the world.  How impressive.  It covers an area of 50 km2 across parts of the Eastern and Northeastern New Territories.  On September 18, 2011, UNESCO even listed the Geopark as part of its Global Geoparks Network.  You can even see the hexagonal volcanic columns along the coast that were formed after years and years of seawater and wind destruction.  

Sai Kung Geological Park
How to go: Take a green taxi at Sai Kung Town to High Island Reservoir East Dam. It’s about a 30-minute journey. From the finish point of the hike, take minibus NR29 or a green taxi back to Sai Kung.

If you want to see more, go on those boats (from Sai Kung city centre) and they will bring you along the coastline to see those cliffs and rocks that are only accessible by boats.  The Hong Kong Geological Park is such a gem for Hong Kong.  Yet, due to the lack of public promotion, the number of visitors has greatly declined.

How can you let this gem sink into the sea?  So check it out yourself before they are gone.

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