Following from the previous Child of Mothernature series in Sydney, how can we not mention our homeland - Hong Kong!  DiscoverHongKong here we go!

Clearly Hong Kong has a very different climate from Sydney, and this has become a big challenge for us.  The suffocating heat and stuffiness have made hiking extra hard and energy-demanding.  Or determination and perseverance are all you really need to overcome that.  But, know what it's getting into fall time hiking time now.  It’s all gonna worth it.  Into the Woods at ShingMun Reservoir.

Shing Mun Reservoir
How to go: At Tsuen Wan MTR Station Exit A, take taxi / bus 51 (towards Kam Sheung Road) from Tsuen Wan Railway Station bus stop and get off at Country Park Station. Head back and walk up to Tai Mo Shan Road and continue for 20 minutes to the Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre.

Hong Kong is very multi-dimensional.  On one hand you see skyscrapers glass panels extending to the clouds.  On the other hand, you find yourself surrounded by green trees and wild life.  Keep exploring because your homeKong is prettier than anywhere else.

Next, let’s climb up the rocks at SaiKung Geological Park!
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