Throwback to the unforgettable cafes I have been to while I stayed in Sydney - and the reason why I gained 7lb in several weeks.  They are nothing but awesome.  And there are just too many I wanna bring you guys to.  Here’s 5 best ones from the list I tried to narrow down!
Disclaimer: I have to apologise now that you may keep seeing words like awesome/amazing/perfect, but those are just words that come along when I reminisce about the food - and along with the drilling saliva too I am afraid LOL.

First things first - Devon.  No jokes, Devon probably does the most tagged restaurant on instagram, the most liked food porn and the first cafe that pop up for “Sydney Cafe” on google and Zomato too.  And there are reasons why Devon is the number one among people’s hearts, and more often among people’s tongues too.  The taste food is just sooo good.  Definitely try the Breakfast with the Sakuma's, eat the salmon with the smoked eel croquettes.  And their seasonal drinks too, which give you the refreshing aftertaste to end your brunch.
And don’t worry, if you are someone who gets bored easily, they do change their menu occassionally.  They surely know how to surprise you.
Order this!: Breakfast with the Sakuma's

Address: 76 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW

Cool Mac
A western slash japanese cafe slash mini artwork gallery with both brilliant meat and vegetarian options.  Located at the perfect tourist point at Milsons Point where chilling before/after walking through Harbour Bridge is nothing but perfect.
Here I proudly introduce my super talented friend Nettie at ChowDownTheEarth.wordpress, the amateur hand letterer slash coffee lover at Cool Mac.  Spend some time to admire the design and little accessories by the owner of the shop, which includes the menu on the wall Nettie drew.  She is currently in San Francisco  right now, so do check out her amazing blog too!
Order this!: The Special, Kinoko on Toast, Cool Mac (Double Macchiato in an ice cube)

Address: Shop 2, 34 Burton Street, Kirribilli, Sydney, NSW

Cool Mac

Cool Mac

Nettie from  ChowDownTheEarth

Nettie from ChowDownTheEarth

Three Williams
The industrial-style secret spot hides at a quiet residential areas near University of Sydney.  The place is massive with an open bar at the centre of the place.  Here’s the place I had trouble picking between savoury or sweet.  Who on earth can choose between French Toast and Fries?  So, it’s when you have to find someone who’s gonna share both of them with you.  Sorted!
Order this!: French Toast

Address: 613A Elizabeth Street, Redfern, Sydney

Cuckoo Callay
The heaven for meat-lover and bacon-lover.  Cuckoo Callay brings you up to heaven but down to hell the next sec for the calories.  The legit love-hate struggle.  But I promise you they are calories you feel guilty but not gonna regret.  Eat first and gym later, a golden rule I call it.
Order this!: Bacon Mac Daddy, Pig in a Box, Bacon all the Rules

Address: 324b Newtown Train Station, Newtown, Sydney

The Picnic Burwood
The only outdoor cafe among the five of them, perfectly making its name “The Picnic”.  An awesome spot for picnic yet providing you with all you need - shades, a cool refreshment station, food, and perfect instagram photo spot.  Get their French Toast.  I don’t mean the typical french syrup toast but french toast with watermelon as filling and edible flowers around it.  Something out of the top isn’t it.
Just one thing, however, if you are scared of birds and the heat, Picnic Burwood may not be the ideal place then.
Order this!: Not So French Toast

Address: Corner of Park Avenue and Burwood Road, Burwood, Sydney

I am sure you now are craving for good food because I am.  There ain’t anything being more comforting than good food and good vibes.  But do check the opening times of the cafes since some of them do close quite early.  Stay tuned for more and more cafes now fellowfoodies!

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