3 Things a Woman cannot go without:

CONFIDENCE, a strong CHARACTER, and a signature FRAGRANCE. 

CONFIDENCE to start with, a strong CHARACTER to attract, and a signature FRAGRANCE to be remembered – within 30seconds or less – the Theory of Attraction.  The thing is: Are you ready for that 30seconds that may change your life?  One can’t buy confidence or a strong character, but you can always buy THE SCENT.

A different scent for a different date, a different scent for a different mood and the signature aroma that makes a different you.

Here’s Miss Dior – the Absolutely Blooming.

I know I have already talked about fragrance before, but I’m afraid I’ve found my new love again with Dior at their launch event.  With their signature pink bow design, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, smelling of love, once again hits the market as a new olfactory variation of Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.  But, nope, it’s a lil bit different this time.  Rather than being dolly and classy, Natalie Portman in black sleek dress with her red lips on point in the new campaign, Absolutely Blooming blows everyone’s mind off by being a sexier, more passionate and more modern scent.  The unbeatable sexiness.

Probably no one is gonna tell you this.  The new formula is comprised of three layers: red berries, Centifolia May rose from Grasse (located at Provence, East France) and peony, as well as white musk.  You know what, one tiny bottle of the Absolutely Blooming rose extract is actually made out of a whole day’s harvest portion of roses, all picked by hand from their Mr Christian Dior's private garden – also where the name “Miss Dior” is inspired.

(Left to Right) Hair Mist, Blooming Bouquet Perfume, Absolutely Blooming Perfume

(Left to Right) Hair Mist, Blooming Bouquet Perfume, Absolutely Blooming Perfume

Other than their new Absolutely Blooming, look at their new products too.  You just can’t miss their hair mist from Blooming Bouquet out – I Love It.  Absolutely, absolutely love it and I love it to the max.  My absolutely fav fav of the month.  Just imagine the perfect subtle scent that flows as your hair sways along.  Sweet, cute, attractive af.  And, their new pinkish-red blush 876 and perfect pink lipstick be Dior 976.

Roses and women are inseparable – by Dior.  A woman is never complete without a perfume.  Oh Dior, you are making me fall in love again – the confidence to start with, the sexy Character that attracts, and the scent that attracts, within that 30seconds.

With love,