People borne with a tan are people borne for the summer.  And clearly, from the level of tanness on my skin has demonstrated my love and enthusiasm to the sea and beach.  Fyi, I never intend to make the tan or maintain it.  I am just borne with vitamin D, so excessive that it shows in and out from my skin colour.  Like how can you resist going to the beach and enjoying the sun and the water? 
Here’s my 2 outfits with the water.  My own preference will be keeping it with white simply because it’s my favourite colour. 

Outfit 1: White overall
White’s simply the perfect colour to match with the blue in the sky and the sea.  Add the easy-breezy kimono to add some lightness to your overall look.

Outfit2: Sea dress cover-up
Something easy and light when you do not fancy bikini that day.  Something halter that shows a bit of your sexiness but not too much.  Cheeky.

I shot both of the outfits in Australia back in Easter.  Looking at the photos make me miss Aussie more than I should.  Oh well, well, well, I guess I’ll have to wait for the next time when I can visit again – fingercrossed -.  Anyways, hope my tan stays while I spend my following months in court or office.  See you! 
More Photos on Postcard.

With Love,