It’s been a while since my graduation trip to Amsterdam.  It’s been busy but I finally got a bit of time to tidy my photos up and show you guys.  And I guess I might as well just wrote a short travelogue to share with you guys!

After 2 days' rest back in London, my grad trip continued at Amsterdam!  This time with my sister and Dad.  Amsterdam has always been on my travel list for its tulips and windmills.  So I was quite excited!  Since I travelled with my family, I didn't take as many photos this time.  Anyways, snaps from #FollowDearPostmanToAmsterdam here you go!

Basic information about Amsterdam
Currency: Euros
Language: Dutch
Flight time (from London): 1hr 10min

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't too great during our 4days' stay.  It was pretty gloomy and moody.  But I guess at least it did not rain so it shouldn't be too bad.  We stayed at the NH Collection Barbizon Amsterdam Palace.  It's a luxurious 5-star hotel situated in a completely renovated 17th century building located between Dam and Rembrandt Square.  Really modern, great location (right next to the Amsterdam Central Station), definitely recommending that to you.
(around Euro$240 per night)

I would say Amsterdam city centre's mostly about museums and their canals.  If you'd want to see more - which I bet you will - be prepared for some long train journeys so that you can get to outbound Amsterdam.

Central Station

Central Station

Zaanse Schans - Windmill Village
It’s an hour’s ride from the central station.  The place is very nice with wind mills sitting along the river.  Wind mills, Dutch clogs, flowers, Dutch lil cottages, all Amsterdam signatures you can think of.  You can even cycle around the area if you prefer.  One thing to bear in mind is that I don’t seem to see a lot of restaurants apart from little tuck shops.  So make sure you eat before you visit.

Bloemenmarkt Flower Market
Flowers!  The only floating flower market in the world.  How can you not surround yourself with flowers in Amsterdam?  This flower market has seends for every type of flowers especially tulip bulbs.  So go check them out, take some pictures and buy souvenirs!

A'DAM Lookout - 360 Observation Deck
The new skyrise observation deck of Amsterdam for you to oversee the entire Ams.  To be honest, the view is an average.

Ams is all about their museums.  Make sure you spare one whole day for them!  Tip: If you are the museum/exhibition kind of people, make sure you get one of those packages ticket which will save you a lot.

A must visit - the biggest and the most popular Dutch national museum in Ams, exhibiting masterpieces from 1200 to 2000.  Definitely go see their breathtaking architecture even if you are not a fan of Renaissance drawings!

Sex Museum
I didn’t go even tho it’s clearly very popular on instagram since it’s pretty embarrassing to go with your dad.  So, now that you know LOL.

Body Worlds Museum
If you are into biological stuff, they do show specimen and dissection of body organs.  But if you’re more into gross, scary pictures, that’s not where you’d love.  But, yeh, it’s pretty educational I’ve to say.

Other museum options: Van Gogh Museum,  Anne Frank HouseStedelijk Museum. Torture Museum

Touring Around
Ams city centre is very small and everything is pretty much around you.  It’s really convenient to take the bus/tram or if you prefer - walk.  Or, you can always pop on/off their boats to travel along their canals!

Dutch food!  There’s something you cannot miss.  Not cannibis by the way.  I mean the Dutch pancakes.  Unlike the American fluffy and thick ones, they are big, flat and thin.  They are so so so nice I tell you.  Try their savoury and their sweet too.  Clearly, never forget to try small Poffertjes too.  They are simply too Dutch for you to miss them out.



Apart from pancakes (and weed), the Dutch is also famous for their cheese.  I hate Cheese (and you can clearly tell).  But definitely visit, simply because everyone recommends you to!

As I've said, I have wanted to go to Amsterdam for the Keukenkof Garden.  So you might be wondering where the photos were.  Utterly disappointedly, I only knew by then that the Keukenkof Garden and Tulip Fields only opens every March till May and by the time I got there, it was already closed.  I was extremely disappointed since it's the main reason I visited.  

Here's the official video of Keukenkof via their website.  Go check out the Kenkeukof website if you love flowers as much as I do!  And remember to check their opening times!
(In 2017 Keukenhof is open from 23 March untill 21 May 2017.)

So, I guess it means I have to see you again Amsterdam!  I will definitely go for you tulips!