I am a keen daydreamer.  I daydream a lot, probably too much.  I always spare my time sitting in a cafe, alone or with someone else, to just day dream.  Sometimes I observe people come and go, see what they wear, and find inspirations for blogs or outfits.  I have to say cafes’ where most of my inspirations flush in.
I separate cafes into two main types - the more popular ones like Starbucks and the smaller but private ones.  I won’t say which one I prefer (since I love them both and they give me different kinds of inspirations).  Here's some from the latter.  Usually more simple, delicate and homey.  They are small, yet less commercial, which do make them more chill.

# Toolss
It’s a cafe/stationery shop.  A little bit clingy location, but the setting is super cute.  It’s the open-bar design, which I fancy, and serves both sweet and savoury fingerfood.  Plus, their timber utensils are super photogenic.  Food’s average for the price.  Unfortunately, not a place for serious coffee.

Address: No.2-3, G/F Fook Tin Building, No.38 Wai Chi St, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon 石硤尾偉智街38號福田大廈地下2-3號舖
(Closed on Mondays)

# Pause Rewind & FastForward
This is a famous one.  I have always admired the pause rewind fastforward handcrafts.  Their effort and delicacy impress me.  As for the cafe, the entire area is quite spacious with many dried flowers as decorations.  Casual yet delicate (can’t stop using this word since it’s just how it is).  Food’s average.  But definitely give their floral/herbal tea a go, so comforting.  Z doesn’t quite like it, but I do.  Before you leave, spend some time exploring their shop a floor below with a lot of local hk handcrafts brand showcased.  Much respect for all handcrafts makers.

Address: 2/F, 67 Soy Street, MongKok, Hong Kong 旺油街67號二樓
(Closed on Mondays)

# Uchi Coffee 屋子生活
They have the best food among all.  They serve both desserts and mains.  Food’s amazing for their price.  The only thing is their location.  It’s a little far and may take some time to find.  However, I promise, it’s worth the go.  The glass panels have made the area so spacious and fresh.  I didn’t get to sit on the tatamis area since it was raining.  But the normal seating is equally good.  Will defo visit again.

Address: Shop 4A, G/F, Double Cove, 8 Wu Kai Sha Road, Ma On Shan 馬鞍山烏溪沙路8號迎海薈地下4A舖

I visited these cafes during weekdays so they weren’t too crowded.  Some of them have wifis (very important when I have to work on my mac) and all of them allows us to sit there for hours just to chat and chill (not sure if it’s just because it wasn’t too crowded during weekdays).  But definitely worth the visit.

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