Congratz to all the exam survivors, especially for those surviving through the last school exams for their life!  Time for some sugar rush in your life babes, by that I mean pastel colours.  Well, I guess every girl must have loved pink at some point of their life, especially it's the trend right now.  I have loved pink at different points of my life, and every time I like it, it is a different shade of pink as if they represent different stages of life.  Baby pink for my childhood, sharp pink for my rebellious college time, pastel pink for my tryna-look-young, or dusty pink for a little more mature, feminine touch.
Right now, I’m at my tryna-look-young stage.

Here’s 3 pink outfits to embrace Pantone Colour of the Year - Rose Quartz!

#1 Purple Midi Skirt
Eyecandy = sweet = Afternoon Tea.  It’s the rule, no explanation needed.  Definitely loving the interior voyer of the Westin plus their tea tastes quite good too.

The Westin Afternoon Tea
Address: 1 Martin Place · Sydney, New South Wales, 2000 ·
Price: AUD$49 / $59 (with bubbles)

#2 Pink/Purple Paint Playsuit
Definitely one of my recent favourites!  Perfect for the apple-picking season.

#3 Pink Sheer Shirt (feat. Gina)
That’s not planned!  Our outfits just happened to match so perfectly with each other, like the door and the house (and we did coincidently go into one).  From a totally different social background, different country, not only that our outfit matches, our mindsets turned out to be super similar too.  Tho we’ve only known each other the day before, it seems like a long time already.  It literally feels like sparks clicking!

Pink’s been my favourite lately.  Still looking for more pinks in my closet!
PS. Credits to Gina for featuring again.
More photos on Postcard.

With love,