Can you believe that?  It’s been a year and here’s our 66th blog post!  A post every 5-6days, 5 in a month and 66 in a year.

One year ago, I woke up one random morning, called Z as usual and said “I wanna start a blog”.  
Z was silent - as usual - and answered by “Gimme 15min and we will come back to this”.
15minutes later, Z came back, with a checklist of questions and preparation, layout, themes, schedules (things I should have thought of but never really considered).
I still remembered I was dumb, because tbh I had not prepared anything before that.

That’s how our first business meeting went.  And DearPostman began, as simple as that - like boom, let’s do it.

I’m not telling you how wonderful my blogging life’s been, how glamorous my shootings’ been, all the fancy outfits, photogenic settings.  No. Running a blog has never been as easy as you think, not at all.  Running a blog is effort, is time, is dedication.  Even with looking effortless, it’s not effortless - effortly effortless.  Would you imagine wearing a lace maxi AND climbing through rocks and waves bare feet AND soaked in water AND twerking for the perfect angle AND yet still looking candid as effortless?  It will either be being crashed by the waves off the sharp rock edge just for that decent waves shot OR wearing a see-through dress at 3degrees in Korea OR putting make up on and off 3 times a day OR sitting or lying on anything, twerking because you don’t let any extra fat show.  And because we insist Z doing most of the shootings, we have to squeeze a half-a-year amount of shootings within our 5 weeks' schedule.  Research for new blog ideas, recent fashion trends, outfits, venues; do the shoot; pick the perfect 10 photos out of 300 photos; edit if necessary; upload; type.  We'd probably have read/screened our posts/layout 30 times before they are actually up. (More behind-the-scene facts in our next blog!)

That’s what’s really behind the blog, not as glamorous huh?  Yet, even though it’s tough, I don’t blame anyone, because I truly truly enjoy it.  Running a blog has brought me much more satisfaction than I can ever imagine.  Sometimes when I re-read my very first blog (10530 miles), or even compare with similar blogposts (swimwear 2015 and 2016), I will be surprised how far one year can bring us.  It’s not that I just wanna show the world the glam me, but that I’d rather keep DearPostman a collection of sweet memories and good vibes.  I’m not sure how long this place will last, but as long as it still exists, we promise we will present you our utmost effort.

Can’t thank you all more now.  No matter if you like/dislike me, appreciate or not, thanks for the compliments and critiques.  That’s the biggest satisfaction and encouragement we can ever ask for.  Those who spend time reading our blogs/photos, who tell us how LDR relates with them, who support our shop, who feature in/help us do our posts.  And haters too, it does not matter if you have talked shit at my back, your critiques have been my main motivation.

And, of course, Z.  No one’s more important than that boss in da house.  Z’s life’s not easier.  A good camera and a good view = good picture?  Yeh maybe, but not always.  It often involves a lot of climbing up and down, carrying tripod, camera, all the bags, lying down on the floor, picking photos, editing.  I won’t have been able to do all these alone.  And DearPostman saves our relationship too, we are always forced to talk when we least want to.

Last, thank you, thank you, thank you.
I promise many more exciting things will be going on here, stay with us xx
Wish to see you all same time next year.

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Happy 1st,