Hey girls, welcome back to the summer!  That highlighted time of the year, you have anticipated for the whole year, worked out every day for, waiting to be entirely sunkissed.  Yeah, I mean like I just love how we can go to all kinds of boat parties, events, to the beach.  It just makes me feel like I am borne to the sun and the sea!  So now, grab your swimwear, shades on, get some tan, to the beach we go!

Apparently this year’s been all about swimsuits (especially for girls with flat chest like me).  And hands down swimsuits are no longer those boring ones you wear for your swimming lesson.  They come in cut-outs, crotchets, plunged necks, anything stylish and sexy.  #FollowDearPostmanTo check out my recent choices of swimwear for the coming summer!

#1 Black plunged-neck swimsuit
A piece from the edgy side of the stick, but I love it (Z doesn’t, Z hates it, but oh well).  I love how it plunges down all the way and reveals my entire back.  May be a lil bit more suitable for flat girls since it can get a lil risky.  The high waisted bottom part also lifts my legs up to elongate them.  And!  We got this black maxi split skirt a month ago and had totally no idea how to style it.  But, here it is!  Glam the whole look up.

#2 Triangl Gigi (feat. Gina)
Another bikini from my beloved Australian brand Triangl - classic lining, simple and clean.  I have got a solid tan after 4 weeks' in Sydney so this neon blue simply makes my tan look even better.  Loving the colour.  The triangle bikinis come with their waterproof bag too!

#3 Herthelabel halter swimsuit
A much uprising brand you must check out for the year - using minimalism as their key element for bikinis and swimsuits.  It’s a bit on the pricey side, but the texture looks so nice - the shininess - after you get out of water.  And that bottom part cuts right at the perfect point which lifts your bums up too.

Shot at Bondi Beach, Sydney

Shot at Bondi Beach, Sydney

*Just one thing, they don't have pads in my first and the last swimsuit - if that concerns you - that may be a problem.  But yeh, nipple covers do their job anyways.*

By the way, that’s the day when I got crashed by the waves from the rock edge which left my bum with many bleeding scratches.  (Just a reminder: it can be very dangerous, so better don’t risk it.)
Compared to last year's bikini haul, I am surprised how far one year can bring you.  Can’t wait for another summer to kick in now!  See you at the beach!

If you are more on the bikini side, read our Bikini Haul from last year.  Tell me what’s your favourite!  Thanks Gina for featuring!
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