Coming to the final vol of the Child of Mothernature (Sydney) series, let us bring you to one of our craziest shootings - #FollowDearPostman Into the Waves at Mackenzie Point’s Beach.
(Just a reminder: Don’t do this when the waves are too high which can be very dangerous.)

Mackenzie Point’s Beach
It is one of the smallest beaches in the state, and it’s not always there.  It locates on the way along the Bondi-Congee Coastal Walk.  Rather than the common sand beach, half of Mackenzie’s beach is piled with steep rocks.

Wearing:  Swan by VGY blue full lace maxi dress  / DearPostman Under the Same Sky earrings (coming out soon)

Wearing: Swan by VGY blue full lace maxi dress / DearPostman Under the Same Sky earrings (coming out soon)

This whole series is specially dedicated to the beauty of our Earth, our habitat, our home.  These creations of nature are just so under-rated, the cliff, the wind, light and also the waves.  The new digital era has slowly swallowed our individuality and makes us identical clones.  Ask yourself, when’s the last time you put your gadgets down and look at the world with your eyes?  Images can never replace real objects.  So, go out, breathe, feel them.  Only by leaving your comfort zone you can experience these creations of our mothernature.

Also, experiencing all these has made me reflect on my life.  I am usually happy, but - let's be honest - occasional frustration and depression do exist.  The fact that you don't seem to see it on this platform is not because I only want to show you guys the "social media side" of me, but that DearPostman should only be a collection of good and beautiful memories.  Happiness is not guaranteed, but it's always your choice.  Create it.  I know things don’t always go as you wish, but whenever you feel stressed, always remember you’re less than a dust within the entire universe, so why even bother to strangle yourself by all the “social standards”?  You can’t control the world, but you can control your own happiness.  There are many more out there.  Live a good life, because, it’s YOUR life.

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