Ask yourself, when’s the last time you got away from the concrete jungle to take a good deep breath?  When’s the last time you stood beside the sea, away from all the things in your mind?

If the answer is too vague to be remembered, it’s a signal for you to take a break.  A break that is refreshing enough for you to clear all your residues away.  Close your eyes, take a good deep breathe, and feel the wind when it lightly strokes your face.  Releases the breathe and let all stress out.

Now, let's flow Through The Wind at Watsons Bay.

Watsons Bay
A harbourside, eastern suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

I have always found it extra calming when I stand by the sea and listen to the gently hitting of the waves while wind lightly hits my face.  Whenever you are under pressure, always remember that you are only a tiny dust among the entire universe.  All you need to do is work to your best and God will do the rest.  Flow through the wind and wait and see where it brings you to.

The world is big, but one's heart is small.  Too many things to be remembered, yet too few things one heart can really remember. 

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