Following from the cliff, let’s flow along the wind at Hornby Lighthouse located at Watsons Bay.  Lighthouses are the kind of things you don’t normally look at at a close distance.  Or, most of the times when you notice them, they are silently guiding you through during the nightime.  But they are always there, guiding you through your darkness and depression, like your angel.  Remind you of anyone like the lighthouse in your life?

Now, Along the Light we go.

Hornby Lighthouse
An active lighthouse, first lit in 1868, located in Sydney Royal National Park on the tip of South Head, New South Wales, Australia, a headland to the north of the suburb Watsons Bay.  One good thing about Watsons Bay is that it is very accessible, simply by bus or ferry from Sydney CBD.

Wearing: Kookai Orange Crossback Jumpsuit /  Zara black heels  / Zara tortoiseshell earrings

Wearing: Kookai Orange Crossback Jumpsuit / Zara black heels / Zara tortoiseshell earrings

To whoever you are out there, thanks for guiding me through at all times, sunny or gloomy, day or night.
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