Background info!  Knew each other 2weeks ago, decided to squad Mel a week ago, and here we are!  MEL, you fiiiine.  Like us four, the 3days-2nights trip was random, impulsive, inspirational, why-not and I-AM-HANGRY.

Let’s be honest.  The trip is totally out of impulsion.  We didn’t know each other beforehand.  But, I guess travelling is the best way to test friendships.  You will see the realest-realest side like tidiness, chillness, naked no makeup face, sleeping habits, every every thing that you don’t normally see.  Conclusion: we are so different yet matching.  We are not 100% matching, yet we are considerate enough to accommodate each other.  One the similar thing among us is WE LOVE FOOD AND PHOTOS and so is MELBOURNE.  This place is simply the perfect collaboration of the two.

Sadly we only had 3days for the trip.  So in order to save time, we booked the earliest flight at 7am to Mel (Ehm, someone forgot to wake up and missed the flight LOL).  Me and Z did not sleep the night before and we were super super tired (you’d know if you have followed my snapchat).  But once we set our steps off the plane, we all were too thrilled to feel tired at all.

One good thing is that Mel is quite a small city and everything’s at walking distance.  If you’d prefer to walk, you’ll always be able to find special artsy spots around this city merged into innovations.  Otherwise, you can always take the free tram through the centre.  Even if you wanna get to Brighton Beach, Port Melbourne, St Kilda, Fitzroy, those kind of outer areas, it’s gonna take you around 30min.  Very convenient.

Here’s some snaps of our first day.  We set our feet around the city for our first day.

State Library of Victoria
Address: 328 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Hosier Lane
Address: Hosier and Rutledge Lane, opposite Federation Square

MEL you fiiiine.  You are making us in love.
Again, since we had too many photos for the trip, we separated out Part II which should be out in three days.  Stay tuned.  Don't forget to follow me on snapchat •chowheiwai•

More photos on Postcard.

With Love,