Life’s a joke. - Enders Wong, Founder of Artoday

LIFE's A JOKE.  For Enders, the founder of Artoday, life is unreal but real at the same time.  Somewhere in between.  People use their imaginations to interpret the same artwork, like how they use what they see to reason things, to link issues up and come up with different conclusions.  No two perceptions are identical.  Imagination and individuality, a life beyond boundaries.  Yeh, life maybe realistic and stressful, yet it’s still full of imaginations.  And Art is all about merging your personality into a piece.  Like how we fuse our feelings towards LDR into our FULL/half collection, two different us, into one individual.

People have been curious where we got our ceramics earrings done, and here it is.  As you all know, I am not the artsy one, Z is.  I don’t usually walk into Art studios, but I fell in love at first sight with this place.  It’s the feeling of Art and creations and innovations.  Our feelings got even stronger after our chat with Enders.  He’s just too nice, too kind and, of course, professional.  Not only does he teach you Art, but demonstrates the attitude, the spirit and the meanings behind.  Way beyond the lines on paper or techniques on the ceramics turning table.  Not like the 1+1=2 Maths.  He tells you, 1+1 can be 3 as long as you want it to be.  “Maybe” is probably the word he says the most.  “Maybe we can do this” “Maybe we can use this”.  Always utilising any resources available around you, making things happen.  Just TRY.  You may not get the thing you want, but you gain many more on the way.  Just TRY.

Mr Enders Wong, graduated from Masters for Fine Art at Chinese University of Hong Kong, owner of two art studios, the first prize of the 2013 Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters, has emphasised that Art should be limitless and creative.  Nothing’s impossible with Art, just keep trying.  Yet, all creations have to be backed up with the equivalent knowledge and skills.  That’s why Artoday is here to inspire, to expand one’s creativity, overcoming impossibilities.  To teach, or more accurately, to nurture, the spirit of Art with his highest level of professional art education.

Artoday offers courses ranging from music to paintings and ceramics, for children to adults.  The atmosphere is totally refreshing and comfy.  Maybe, you should pop up to Artoday.  Maybe, you should try something beyond your comfort zone.  Maybe, you will leave with many more compared to the you when you go.  Maybe, you will love this place as much as I do - not maybe - I’m more than sure you will love it.

Art tells you to try when reality forces you to quit.
Art tells you to go for your dream when everyone tells you it's impossible.
Maybe, just try.

Thank you Enders.

Find out more about our FULL/half ceramics earrings here.

Address: 1/F, 1A La Salle Rood, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

With love,