I have never trusted the idea of “a lifetime”.  I own a relationship that doesn’t plan towards a lifelong future.  Or to be more accurate, my relationship doesn’t allow me to think of a lifetime future.  Don’t ask me why, it’s just how it is, we both know.

But, it’s because how it can’t be a lifetime thing, that we especially treasure every single moment we can be together.  I guess that’s just how LDR is.  You can never be 100% sure the next time you meet you guys are still together.  Every moment counts.  All the laundry, all the groceries shopping, burnt omelette breakfast, goodnight kisses.  LDR is literally the only reason how these daily tiny habits can be so unforgettable.

So, why even bother to limit your relationship with a time frame?  Live like there’s no tomorrow; love like there’s no tomorrow.  We are just too young to talk about “forever".

By persevering and working step by step, day by day, until we really can’t.  Maybe one day, you'll suddenly realise it has been a lifetime; that's my version of a lifetime.

Read this story (unfortunately in Chinese) if you have the time.

A very short update of Our Story.
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