Thanks everyone for pulling this together.  2months’ stressful but fun preparations all for this one special Christmas party.

Someone who...
… knows my taste more than any other one and bakes me the yummy apple tart;
… cares so much about the party as if it’s her own;
… has all the travel and hotel plans with me;
… squeezes time from her packed schedule to make for this party;
… has always been the elegant lady;
… has always been the crazy woman, laughing at the tiniest bits;
… is always kind and patient, no matter if we don’t get to talk much;
… coincidently appears in different timelines of mine;
… sounds really mean in the words, but warm in the heart;
… who stays with me always; promised me a perfect party 2months ago; knew exactly I would fail all my crazy ideas, but still tried to complete them with me; and when they really did fail, comforted me with the biggest, warmest hug; and reassured me that the party will be perfect.  It was perfect.

You know who you are.  And many more who haven’t got chance to be here today.
Y’all’s smiles are the best rewards I can ever receive.  You people don’t only complete my Christmas, but my life.  We will have many more stories to tell.  So stay with me through my 21st, deal?

Venue:  Hide n' Seek  (Circus Room)

Venue: Hide n' Seek (Circus Room)

b+ab white sheer shirt / Korea light blue lace dress /  RAYE Candace white heels  / DearPostman earrings

b+ab white sheer shirt / Korea light blue lace dress / RAYE Candace white heels / DearPostman earrings

Now and always,