At my 14, I hung around different people, not knowing I would ever stay committed in relationships, or holding on to someone for this long.

At my 15, I used to teach my best friend how to chase after you, I got to know you inside out, but you never knew of my existence.  I didn’t like you at the time.  I kinda disliked you tbh.

At my 16, I accidentally bumped into you which started our pretty hardcore facebook/messages friendship.  I didn’t know you liked me until my best friend (your ex) mentioned that to me.  I was pretty surprised when you confessed since my reputation wasn’t good by then.

At my 17, a random thought in those sleepless nights pulled us together.  We then started our one-year-skyping-relationship.  Not being able to physically see or touch each other surprisingly gave us a chance to know each other more.

At my 18, many ‘’first times’’ happened.  I am still having troubles recalling memories of how things happened.  (However, since my little girlfriend remembers every single moment between us, you can always repeat them in my ears as lullaby until I fall asleep every night.)  We thought it might come to an end after you came to Australia and when you stepped into an entirely new world in university.  We thought everything between us was going to change.   Well, our insecurities did not come true.

At my 19, I came back to you as a surprise.  The moment when I held you in my arms, I knew all the effort had paid off.  You threw the biggest surprise party for me, and gathered all my beloved people in one single room.  It was one of the best moments in that summer.  The moment you, for the first time, noticed I was sick, I could feel the burning liquid flowing all around, warming my heart and raising my heartbeat.  At that moment, I knew you are the one I wanted.

At my 20, we experienced our biggest fight.  I thought we could never find that missing piece, that natural bond in our relationship, ever again.  I am glad that we could make it through the crack hand in hand.  I have never been more thankful, for you to have made this rebellious decision of flying over and spending the holiday with me.  

I have always kept everyone out of my little secret box, since I’m awful in confessions and expressing myself.  This little blog, for me, is an open door for people to enter my world; for you, is one big step closer to your dream; and for us, is an almanac for our relationship or a better definition of having a place where we can let our feelings sink and freely reveal and express ourselves.

Thank you dear.
Without you, I am not who I am today.  Thank you for the past 4 years, and I am sure we will have many more to go.  I promise you will still hold your Darling’s hand when you get to Darling Harbour next time.  (Okay guys, I think I had a cheese overdose last night… LOL)

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With love,

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