Winter, you are late again.  It’s already mid-October and I can finally feel the slight breeze on my face.  So, I am here, trying to catch the last batch of blue sky and the warmth of the sunshine.  I absolutely love summer.  But when it comes to outfits, I personally prefer winter so much more, due to the multiple combos I can create out of the layers (and, how the layers cover my fats).

During this time of the year, I will always struggle from my OOTD disorder, trying to find the perfect item to wear.  Something warm enough to cope with early or late breeze, but light enough for the sudden afternoon heatwave.  It has been my lifetime dilemma, and I mean it.  Baaamm, found this perfect culottes for this time of the year.

Culottes are clearly the trend right now, as you can see.  They are simply too handy and too easy to create numerous combos.

OOTD1: Afternoon Heatwave - a simple halter neck

Outfit2: Evening breeze - tie a cardi to cover your shoulders

Outfit3: Late night chilliness - wear the cardi

That’s how perfect these culottes are.  3 seasons in one day?  Saviour of my day.  Time to get ready for winter, bye summer!

More photos on Postcard.

With love,

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