At my 14, I hung around random people, not knowing I would ever fall for anyone.

At my 15, I met you for the first time because of my ex.  But we didn’t contact ever since, I thought you would just disappear in my world...

At my 16, we incoincidently happened to be in the same exhibition but I didn’t see you.  Our facebook messages started my one-year-intense-chasing.  You rejected me numerous times but I never thought of giving up.

At my 17, we finally (or rather randomly) got together, but you didn’t love me date back.  Long distance pulled us apart.  During that one-year separation, no hugging, no holding hands, but skyping.  I spent this one whole year to gain your attention, to learn to be your ideal girlfriend and, most importantly, to understand how to love you.

At my 18, we had many  “first times”.  Our first kiss, first Christmas, first New Year’s Eve Countdown, first trip to Macau, first Valentine’s roses, and my first trip to Sydney.  We lived together for the first time.  I will never forget our first “I love you” at Darling Harbour.

At my 19, I experienced my lowest.  Thanks so much for bearing with me still.  You came back to me as a summer surprise.  You said I finally became the girlfriend you needed.  I finally saw us side by side, on the same path, with the same pace, connected.

At my 20, life hasn’t been easier, but you came to me as my best present.  I spent my life’s best (and rebellious) three weeks with you in Sydney, exploring Gold Coast beaches and Sydney deserts all within the days.  All those beach sunset, paragliding, boat trip, uni lectures, sunday lazy chill in bed, special cafe hunt undoubtedly made up the most forgettable memories of my life.  I cannot be more thankful to you for giving me this blog, this little space of myself.  Without you, this blog wouldn’t have existed.

People said, a relationship needs more than many coincidences. Even though it’s our 4 years today, in fact, you have been on and off my timeline since 6 years ago.  You still owe me my Darling Harbour, my dear.  You said the next time I visit, we will be there.

By the way, Z will be taking over Part II for the first time next week!  Stay tuned people.

I am, and will always be, loving you.  4 years, and still counting.

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