Other than the classic dating activities like movies or dinner or theme parks, we have been struggling to find something new and fun,  challenging and of course something indoor.  And then we came up with the Mixing Bowl café website showing some baking classes details.  It turned out to be a great idea.  We had a fabulous baking night with them in Sheung Wan.

So, this time we were making artisan bread and cinnamon bun.  We started out with the cinnamon bun.  If you have had them in Cinnabon, that is it, or subjectively, even better.  You had to make it all by hand, not by machine, including making the dough.  Ingredients were weighed and placed in the mixing bowl in advance.  Now, all you have to do is mixing.  Finger-crossed, I will have to admit that baking isn't easy at all.  Never underestimate that "ball of mixture", especially when your fingers are stuck together and you have literally no idea how to deal with that.  I truly appreciate the bakers now, with all my heart.  After mixing the dough, you set it aside and let it rest for one good hour, and then you did the shaping.  That's when the trickiest part came in.  You twisted and rolled and turned and flipped (they call this "stretching") really quickly so that the dough didn't stick to your hands.

After all these hard work, the doughs were finally ready to go into the oven.   Artisan bread was very similar and also simpler.  During the short wait, Mixing Bowl would serve you with their tea and scones and let you read some recipe books.  Occasionally you would smell that irresistible warm smell of bread from the oven downstairs.  Tah-dah!  My bread and cinnamon buns were all out and I just had to have a bite when they were still warm and soft.  Absolutely fabulous.

Check out their class schedules at their website.  Very convenient and fun.  Mixing Bowl will provide you with all utensils, ingredients, takeaway boxes and an apron.  If you are not a fan of baking, you can still try their light snacks in the café.  I will defo recommend their Big Ben tea.

Thanks for the fun night, Mixing Bowl.  We undoubtedly enjoyed the process here, and of course, our yummy cinnamon bun.

The Mixing Bowl
Address: No. 5, Shin Hing Street, Sheung Wan
Website: http://themixingbowlhk.com

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