Hands down, I would have to admit I am such flower lover.  That’s why I’m here to introduce you my special and new summer inspiration!  I came across the tattoo on a random magazine one day.  Booom!  Something I would love to try!  Personalised, unique and super easy to make.   Come follow us now!

Flowers of your choice
Magazine x1
Kitchen paper x10
Vaseline (or Lucas Papaw since I do not have Vaseline :P)
Brush x1

Stage1: Dry the flower petals

1. Choose flowers of your choice.
Tips: that’s the trickiest bit - the tattoo pattern very much depends on your choice of flowers!  So it’s best to pick quite a large quantity as well as varying shades of colours and shapes.  Get the ones that you think will look great when laid flat.
My choice: I definitely loveeeee hydrangea (繡球花).  The shape, the colour graduation, the size, one of my favourites.  I use some white daisies as well.

2. Cut out a few flower petals.  Leave the stalk at about 1cm.

3. Follow the sequence: newspaper -> magazine -> kitchen paper (x1) -> flower petals -> kitchen paper (x1), place them on top of each other.  Remember to lay the flowers upside down, with the top facing the tissue.
Tips: leave some space between the petals

4. Iron the pile using the lowest heat level for about 30seconds.  Check if the flowers are dry enough.  If not, iron them for another 10seconds.  Repeat this step until the flowers are completely dried.
Tips: prepare more petals than needed

Flowers ready!


Stage2: Stick them onto your body

5. Place them onto your body to get an approximate idea you would like to do later.
Tips: Keep it quick!  Since the dried flowers may turn yellow really quickly


6. Paint a thin layer of Vaseline (I use Luca Papaw) onto the dried patels and stick them onto your body.  (You may use a tweezer instead of your fingers for convenience.)

7. Snap! x
How-to-look-skinny Trick: You may even contour your collar bones a little to make it more dimensional.

Feat. DeaDeaCat

Feat. DeaDeaCat

Ruffffff flowers.  A very nice weekend activity with your girlfriends indeed.  Tag us @dearpostman on instagram to show us your tattoo!

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With love,