The ethic couple spot I am totally fascinated for their water reflection mirror on the floor.  That is in fact a big area at the end of Kennedy Town pier, where it traps water and creates the illusion.  Any iPhones or cameras can easily take stunning silhouette shots utilising the mirror and the ever-changing sunset.  The best thing about photography is that it captures the moment that is gone forever, unable to stay, and impossible to reproduce.

Time is short.  It’s like the ever-changing sunset, the flowing river, high tides and low tides hitting at this second, but gone at the next.  Time is just too short to afford any regret or miss-out.  One can never freeze the time.  The best way to spend your time is to do it when you can, fall in love when you can, say it out when you can.  Create the best memories out of every second before you miss another one again.

I may sound too rebellious to you, but that's only because you don't know us.  When you do, you will know why every second counts.

Someone told me that day me and Z are her relationship goal.  But in fact, my relationship with Z is never a smooth one.  Rather, it is like a rose growing out of rocks, surrounded by thorns.  Over the years, there has been never-ending unreal gossips, criticisms, comments from haters around us, trying to judge us and pull this relationship apart.  People come and tell you what you deserve and what you don’t as if they really know you, when they clearly don’t.

The beginning was especially tough.  It was already tough enough to bloom under comments and haters.  Having to ignore, persevere and go against everyone had made it even harder.  But always remember, doing things against people doesn’t make you wrong.  It only means that you are not the same and, well, you don’t need to be the same.  Z has proved my decision right by coming into my life and not leaving.  No matter what haters tell me, it is Z who accompanies me in the phone through my tears.  It is Z who encourages whenever I get hurt by the thorns.  It is Z who feels what I feel and faces all these with me.  It is Z who protects our little blooming rose against comments, rumours and everything else.  I don’t care what Z had done in the past.  It is this Z I fall in love with, not the “Z” people describes to me out of the blues.

I have to admit my stubbornness does bring me troubles all the times.  But at the end, I have never regretted for growing this rose at the cliff.   I am truly grateful for people who look through the thorns and feel us.  Despite the unusual toughness, the thorns have in fact made the rose stronger, prettier, unique and especially precious.  No matter how hard it is to fight through the thorns and stones, I always will, because time is short, and it is worth it.

The rose is truly blooming.  I can see this rose blooming.

 Zara halter neck top /  Topshop ripped jeans  / Dr Martens White 1461

Zara halter neck top / Topshop ripped jeans / Dr Martens White 1461

I mean forgive me for the super wordy blog this time.  But this is something I have always wanted to say.  Time is short, fall in love when you can.

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With love,

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