Another sweet and intimate night.  I would say a summer surprise party has become a yearly tradition now.  So much fun, so much love.

Massive thanks to Matteo shop for the balloons which lighten up the whole party.  Very nice customer service, efficient work and convenient delivery arrangement.  And of course not gonna miss out my lil "assistant" Sisi for all the help and effort, even though our phone conversations were a litttttle bit too obvious.  I got to admit (even I didn't want to) that Z is way too clever, especially when coming to understanding me.  My legs could not help shivering when I tried to make up my stupid lies.  Z, clever as usual, managed to pick up several clues regarding the surprise (damn it!).  Yet, Z is also very clever to pretend to be stupid and go along with my plans.  (This happens all the time I'd have to say, it's so hard to surprise Z.)

So the plan went perfect, but funny.  Z came pick me up for dinner and we went shopping for a bit as planned.  My phone kept breaking during the dinner, which did not usually happen.  And I had to bullshit about something else, attempting to distract Z from discovering the surprise (when Z obviously already did).  Keeping a secret from Z is never an easy task for me.  That little bastard Z kept looking at me in that what-are-you-doing eyes.  I could literally feel the breeze from my spinal cord all the way up to my neck.  SO nervous.  (Apparently Z was laughing really hard behind my back seeing all my stupid reactions LOL)

But yeah, I really enjoy all these.  Z was still amazed by the balloons, the photos, the messages, and most importantly my effort.  The pink floating balloons has filled the room with romance and sweetness in no doubt.  The Jervois, boutique hotel suite I chose overlooked Sheungwan night view through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows around its L-shaped corner.  We cuddled and had those stupid but intimate chats.  We went down to get my favourite midnight McDonald's snacks.  And lastly, I lay on Z's chest as usual and mumbled those sleep talks until my eyes were too tired to be opened.  The best way to end our date.  These all may sound really silly to you, but in fact, these tiny daily couple stuff mean the most for us.

That smile on Z's face is simply priceless.  It is also that smile that encourages me the most to keep making new surprises.  Truly grateful for the smile Z put on me as well.  Love is in the air. xx

I may write about couple surprise ideas or preparations later.  Tell me if you are interested in any details about the hotel, balloons supplier or anything.

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