Hi lovelies!  So I am about to tell you guys a surprise plan and I will need you all to keep it a secret from Z (smirk).

As some people may know, I absolutely fancy surprises of all kinds.  Around the same time last summer we had a surprise goodbye party in a self-photoshooting studio for Z before going back to Syd.  So this year, I am planning on doing another surprise party.  I have had trouble coming up with a 'reason' or 'theme'.  But, ha, guess what, we are having a super pre-21stbirthday celebration party (it's actually 3months before our real birthdays, but who cares), since we have never celebrated our birthdays togetherbefore.  Oh, by the way, for those who do not know yet, me and Z have our birthdays on two consecutive days.

So, that's the plan.  I told Z we would be sleeping over in a friend's place (which is a lie) because I have already booked a hotel room.  The theme colour is gonna be pink.  By the time we arrive after dinner, balloons will be ready, hanging a photo with messages written at the back.  A camera will be set up on a tripod to capture all Z's instant reactions.  A cake and candles will also be ready.

I guess everything's in position!  All that's left is Z, dressed in pink (as I told Z to), falling into the trap, and be surprised.  I will update you guys about how the party goes in the next blog post.  I am super excited right now.  Wish me good luck people!  (I think I am going to post this right before we go up the hotel room, just in case Z checks our website before that, wink).

Words to Z:
When you read this blog post, I assume you will have already seen all the surprises.  I hope (I truly hope) that the surprise has been a success.  I have always wanted to be next to you on your birthday, but for the long-distance, we haven't had any chance to do that throughout our four years together.  Counting my fingers, it's already your fifth birthday with me since we are together.  People said 21stbirthday is a big one.  And here I am, giving you my best.I have never stopped feeling so grateful to have met you and got together since five years ago.  Life has been bitter, but you are always the sugar crush, the treehole, the listener, the shoulders I lean on, the personal heater, that supports me and energizes me all the way through.  Without you, I will never be the one I am right now.  Without you, I won't even be typing this.  You have always been the biggest supporter for me to pursue anything I want.  Without you, I won't even have the courage.  And most importantly, with you, I find a better me.  I can't emphasize more how important you are to me.  Thanks again, love.You will have many birthdays in the future, with many different people, with or without me.  Those parties may be bigger, better or more fun.  But I hope you will always remember this surprise one for your 21st, with me beside you, making a wish together.  Now, blow the candle and make a wish, all the wishes will soon come true.Pre-happy birthday to you, my dear.  Love you always.  xx

With love,

 Balloons from  Matteo Shop

Balloons from Matteo Shop

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