Dear Postman,
Thanks so much for the effort all these years, sending letters and parcels between Sydney and London.  Thanks for being the unbreakable bond of the long distance relationship between me and Zero.
With love,

Hello, my fellow internet friends.  I am the most ordinary girl studying in the UK.  Uni, food, workout, food, youtube, sleep.  So basically everything is just the same every single day.  What makes it different from others is I skype every day.  Me and my mysterious boyfie have been together for more than three and a half years.  A long-distance relationship between Sydney and London.  10530 miles and 11 hrs apart.

Right, you may be thinking that my relationship started in the most romantic, sweet, or even the really chessy way.  (At least I thought my first love story would.)  However, my story actually started like that.  Unfortunately, in the most unromantic and random way. (LOL)

It was an unexpected skype call all the way from Sydney at its 5am to London.
“Do you wanna be with me?”
“Or else I will just call someone else.”
“Alright. Good night.”

AND here we are.  I have never thought this random skype call could have made such a big change to both of us.  Two extremely different people, from two ends of the world, with nothing alike, nothing related.

If you wanna know more about us, stay tuned.  More posts coming up soon. xx