The bad thing about having a long-distance relationship between London and Sydney is that our holidays never overlap properly.  The 9-hours (or sometimes even 11-hrs during winter) time difference has made life even tougher.  I wake up at 9am to see Z already finish dinner.  Z will then wait until my school ends so that we can skype and I will often talk Z to sleep like a long-distance babysitter.  Tough life.  School does not always ends early, which means sometimes Z may have to wait until their 3am or even later.  Z’s peaceful breathing during sleep has become so familiar that I can now distinguish how asleep Z is and when I should hang up so that I will not wake Z up.  These three and a half years has never been easy for both of us.  However, I have never felt pathetic for myself or anything, rather, deep down, I have always felt so blessed and grateful for what I am experiencing right now.  The best never come easy, do they?  Rather, it is often the hardship and unease that make the relationship very precious.  Shoutout for all long-distance couples out there, I just wanna let you know I feel you and I have so so so much respect for your hardship, commitment and patience.  We all understand that feeling of hugging the phone so hard during late nights, unable to fall asleep, simply because we miss our other halves damn badly.

So, we only get to meet each other back in Hong Kong every winter and summer for five weeks each.  Ten weeks as a total for the whole year (we often describe that as the fashion week’s ss (spring/summer) and aw (autumn/winter) seasons).  Those five weeks are extremely precious that I never get fed up just to stare into Z’s single-eyelided eyes for hours.  Five weeks of cozy cuddling on our couch, eating McDonalds takeaway.  Five weeks of hugging.  Five weeks of holding each other’s hands, exploring through alleys and corners, for hidden cute cafes and photogenic spots.  That’s definitely the best gift I can ever ask for.  Nothing more is needed.

Counting down makes up most of the times for all long-distance relationships.  People said that time flies, but you keep breaking its wings.  Here I am, more than overwhelmed to officially announce that the ss15 five weeks is about to commence!  Another countdown accomplished!  One more day and we can finally see each other, face-to-face, in our home city, in the same time zone!  Oh my god, this is absolutely thrilling.

New outfit ideas 1-20 ready.  Wanna-try-café list ready.  To-do list good to go.  Summer surprise plans ready (Are you ready to be surprised though? LOLs).

Most importantly, I AM READY.  I gotta a feeling.  This is gonna be another fabulous, sweet, unforgettable five weeks for us, my dear.

Safe flight for now, and I will see you real soon. xx

With love,