You may not have expected this, but in fact, I am the one doing the chasing.  FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR.  Oh yeh, I had been chasing after Z like a crazy little one-direction-fan for one whole year.  

It’s actually quite funny and in fact rather bizarre at the same time.  During my one-year-super-intense chasing, I had tried nearly every single way to approach Z.  Trust me, EVERY single way, including the lamest, stupidest way you can think of.  You can imagine me like a creepy stalker, gathering bits and pieces of information.  (Don’t even wanna mention what kinds of ridiculous excuses I used to date Z or how I wandered around areas Z normally hung out in.  That’s super duper crazy and I swear to God I will Never Ever do this again.)  Anyways, looking back now, I wonder where on earth I have all this courage to do these.

Everyone told me there was no way we could be together.  0%.  To be honest, that’s in fact very true.  Z used to hate me so much.  And I had nothing close to the golden criteria for Z’s ideal girlfriend.  I wasn’t skinny, not quiet, not smart.  I ain’t got a pale skin tone.  No long skinny legs, no long skinny fingers, no smiley eyes, nothing.  Oh!  I do have long hair, but hey, who doesn’t really (well, may be you don’t but you can always grow them out).  I wasn’t even average for Z.  It’s like being the outlier, far far away from those stupid plotboxes back in highschool maths.  In fact (up till now still), I still do not possess the above criteria for the ideal girl.  We are so different that we are like coming from two different planets.  I am the Maths freak, the nerd, the zero art sense kinda person while Z is the artsy one who randomly draws on Maths textbooks for no reason (carving the classroom desk is indeed also very common, this rebel).  I have all types of rules and right-now-must-dos (which still annoys Z a lot, eyes-rolled) while you can expect Z to be pranking someone (very likely to be me) or coming up with the weirdest game ideas.  May be that’s the reason why I have always been so infatuated.  This alien broke all my rules and completely messed up with my must-do routines.  The more ridiculous Z is, the more curious I am, the more I wanna understand Z.

No matter how much criticisms or discouragements I got, somehow I had never thought of giving up.  Or may be there was never any space for the thoughts of giving up.  I was so occupied by this mysterious creature.  All the past love story myths, all the daily habits, all sorta likes and dislikes.

To be honest, I still don't understand why I can be that obsessed.  I never knew that instant “click” could have been that magical.  Neither did Z know my craziness can one day turn into a true loving relationship.  Z once told me that over the years my stickiness has already become an inseparable element of life.

Nothing is impossible, peeps.  Trust me, go for it.  Follow your heart no matter if it is gonna hit the rock damn hard.  One day the instant click may suddenly kick in, who knows?

With love,

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