Whattt?!  It's December already?!!  Literally the best time of the year.  How can you afford to miss it out?  Organising parties is just my thing.  Especially now that we have this online shop, life is just getting sooooo busy, but I am enjoying it as far as it brings me to.
Don't you worry if you still haven’t got any idea for it.  Easy and short.  Want a memorable Kissmas, follow us now!

#1 Christmas Baking
A party can never be perfect without some Christmasy snacks.  Especially when winter makes fat very legit.  Plus christmas baking is super fun (even if it keeps failing).  If you are a kitchen-idiot like I am, here are some easy treats for you.

Ready-to-bake cookies!

These are super easy, all you have to do is follow the recipes on the box, add the liquid ingredients, mix them all in and they are good to go into the oven.  They will all come out golden and soft.  You can also draw any patterns to decorate them.  If there’s no snow in your country, why not some snowflakes cookies.

If you are going for a more enhanced version, try the "macarons".  Ehm, fyi macarons are so hard to handle and I basically messed them all up (sorry Francesca for your kitchen oops).  But if you still want your own macarons, you can buy some already made ones and paint golden colouring on (icing super or candy melts do the job too).  Nom!

#2 Write a letter to Santa
I am telling you Santa does really exist in the Santa Claus Village! (Tho not climbing down chimneys nor riding flying reindeers~)  And he actually reads your letter!  So write your wishes to him, who knows if they will really come true?  They may, right?
Or, if you'd like to surprise your loved ones, you can send them a letter from the Santa (with the Santa’s official stamp on it) by paying for the postage online.  Kid's dream comes true!
Address: Santa Claus, Santa Claus Main Post Office, FI-96930 Arctic Circle, FINLAND (more details link)

#3 Christmas Eve Cozy Fairy Lights
A time to put on lots of sparkly home decors.  Personally really fancy these fairy lights.  They make home a home.  You can always reuse them at other times, never wasted.

Pre-christmas preparations are basically the fun part.
If you’re not a fan of the “home” part, follow us on the next post for the “you” part!  (Christmas party look, pampering, etc)


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