Dear my lovely readers, long time no see (three weeks?).  We are away just to get ready for this lil baby of me and Z.  We've renewed our entire website and of course, the launch of Our Online Shop.

Throughout our 4-years relationship, the total time we actually spend in the same time zone is less than a year.  Less than one-fifth.  But it is the other four-fifths, that makes our relationship so priceless.  Tho flying is not that difficult now, we can’t really fly whenever we want to.  There will always be time when you feel almost impossible to hold on to the relationship.  There will always be utmost frustration when your other half needs you so much but you can’t even simply give a hug.  We know how it feels.  But we can always send a card, a short message, a letter, a gift.  Small, yet big enough to overload with all the love and care we need, from our friends, families, etc.  Can’t be more grateful to the postmen, who send hope around and make me smile from the bottom of my heart when I see something in my letterbox.  What postmen deliver are not only parcels, but the unsaid words and burning love miles away.

That’s why we are who we are.  DearPostman online shop is here to deliver hopes and unsaid love to your loved ones.  We are to provide you/your other half a reason to hold on when life is not treating you fine.


First Product Series Ever: Urbanism (Link here) 

Oops!  Our online shop link is under construction right now.  We are based in Hong Kong.  Shipped Worldwide
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Send your love around.  
Life’s hard, but you are not alone, we have all been stuck in those gloomy days.  But hold on, DearPostman’s parcel is arriving at your door.

With love,
CC and Z