Let me tell you about long-distance relationship.

A bad thing about LDR is that even though me and Z share (nearly) the same birthday, we never get a chance to celebrate together.  That’s our 5th birthday already, but yeh, never.

But, a good thing is that, we have plenty of time to prepare for it.  We will always come up with birthday surprises and games to spoil each other.  Oh well, let’s just make LDR a fun thing after all.  Tbh, that’s how we never get bored by the distance, because we’ll always be working on something.  And in this way, we know we are always keeping each other in mind.

Hands down.  It’s such a pain to be with such artistic, creative boyfie, whom always comes up with the weirdest game ideas and well-decorated presents like artworks.  Like, seriously, I can never top that.  The moment when I thought I found the perfect bird wrapping paper which coordinates with the present itself, and your creative boyfie self-painted the gift box with the present, a Sydney city map, a super-long card, 10 watermelon missions/awards cards and 30 awkward-est would-you-rather questions.  I know, I know, all you want to see is my what-the-hell face, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.  But, baby, I absolutely love them.


One bad thing about LDR is that you can never cut the birthday cake with your love.
But, one good thing, is that I GOT THAT PERFECT CAKE.

I was randomly scrolling food photos on instagram (exactly what I do every moment), and I saw Cordy’s Cake instagram, and that moment I know I WANT THAT CAKE.  Perks of 21st birthday.  The cake is definitely the most beautiful cake I have ever seen so far.  According to Z, not only it is super pretty, the taste is equally very satisfying.  It is an earl grey cake coated with greyish-blue marble pattern, topped with all those photogenic decors.
I know THIS IS THE CAKE.  A cake that matches perfectly with Z’s newly dyed blue hair (yeh, blue hair).


Cordy’s a home based and self taught baker, just doing what she loves to do and makes people happy.  She wants everyone’s cake to be special, a cake that’s worth remembering.  She is a big fan of marble and pastel colours and that’s where a lot of her inspiration comes from.  She has a lot of cakes to choose from, with varying themes and flavours.  I have to say she is a super super sweet and talented girl, especially when dealing with all my annoying questions and requirements.

You lucky Sydney peeps, definitely check her instagram or facebook out!  I wish I can have a taste of it (I definitely will when I visit Sydney)!!!!  Thanks for perfecting Z’s 21st birthday with this remarkably delicate cake.

Some people have been requesting us to write something about surprise/present inspirations.  Write to us if you want to read something like these!

At the end, LDR birthdays are not that bad, are they?  Still sweet and warm, since we know we put each other close to our hearts.

With love,