Owing to the great time difference, me and Z have birthdays together.  Turning 21 with the one you love, is simply the best feelin in the world.  Can you believe that, it’s our fifth birthday together, even though we never get a chance to really celebrate together?  But distance does make love grow fonder.  LDR is just beyond anything physical, it’s something spiritual and strong.  The pictures are the behind-the-scenes of me making Z’s birthday present while skyping.  They reflect exactly how we celebrate our birthdays for the past 4years.  Alone in our room, talking to the laptop, but still the sweetest and warmest.


My 20 has been a very special year for me.  At my 20, I finally fulfilled the promises I made to myself.  I rebelliously flew all the way alone, to Sydney, to pursue my love.  Finally got the chance to look at the Aussie pink sunset Z looks at every day, walk home along pathways Z walks alone every day, change bedsheets and tidy Z’s room, have meals together in restaurants Z normally eats alone, whisper and giggle in the library.  1 becomes 2.  Not alone again.  I will never forget the time when we sat side by side in front of the piano, teaching Z play the right-hand part for Canon in D.  Those moments when we slept in, we played our cereal game, we hang our clothes, you spat water on me while we brushed our teeth, basically 24-7 stuck with each other.  LDR makes the smallest things in life adventurous and fun.  Absolutely the sweetest 3 weeks of my life so far.

Hope you love this colourful present of the birds' collection (we have all kinda themes every time), the 30 couple tag questions especially.  Oh my dear boyfie, you really have memories like a goldfish.  Yet, I don't mind keep repeating our stories to you.

I love every bit of your present.  You are the first one who make me cry in the best kind of way.  I couldn't help my tears once I played the video.  Those familiar areas, those places and memories that exclusively belong to us.  It is the effort and the time that I appreciate the most.  (And right, those rewards/mission cards, I will always remind you for that.)  However big presents they are, they can never replace one hug from you.  One big hug seems like the most expensive present after all.  You owe me that, bae, I will come for that in 5 weeks’ time.

In the past 5 birthdays, I made the same impossible wish, hoping that one day we will be able to celebrate birthdays together, in the same time zone, holding hands, sharing the same cake and blowing off the candles together.  So simple yet so difficult.  But I know we can make it, can’t we?  Every step we make always means another step closer to reunion.

Last birthday you said you hope you will walk through my 20 with me.  My dear, WE MADE IT.  Walk with me through my 21 as well, alright?
Happy Bae-day, my dear.  Loveyou always.


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