I'M SOOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.  You’ll have no idea how long I have been anticipating today to come.  Turning 21 with Bae (we have birthdays on consecutive days, so we basically share the same birthday due to time difference) is simply the best feelin in the world (I will talk about this in my next post, stay tuned).

These are the photos for my pre-celebration in the super classy Spring Restaurant at London Somerset House.  The minimalism interior is simply mahhh cup of tea, marbles, pink/white, flowers, butterflies and everything nice.  Z posted me this playsuit from Kookai all the way from Sydney for me.  On top of that, my pink cake from Crumbs and Dollies just perfects the overall picture.  And of course, my sweetest Senior422 girls <3
(Details shown at the end of the post)

Photos come first.  And I promise I will (try to) keep my birthday vow short and simple.

 Chanel event: MadeMoisellePrive

Chanel event: MadeMoisellePrive


I know it’s a bit too exaggerating, but during my past week, I have been having insomnia nights, lying in bed, thinking about my 20-year-old.  I even throwback until tears rolled down my face, in the best kind of way.  The moment when memories warm you up from inside but they also tear you apart.  Throwbacks of my awesome Sydney trip, my uni life, this little blog, everything way way beyond expectation.  I wouldn’t or couldn’t have imagined myself coming to this at my 21.  My 20-year-old has been an absolutely fruitful and fulfilling year, credits to all my dearest friends, my forever back-me-up family and my sweetest sweetest sweetest boyfie.  Thinking back to the same day last year, I didn’t have any idea where, and who, I will be.  And today, here I am, getting way further than the 20-year-old me.

This lil blog is absolutely one of my biggest achievements so far.  It has been my dream, but without all your sincere supports, encouragements and help, it wouldn’t have come alive.  Massive thanks to all my girls who have been featured on my blog, all my friends who have taken marvelous shots for me, everyone who has suggested me with inspirations.  Thanks to strangers or old friends who actually come by and tell me how much they love my outfits and how they are inspired by my words.  Thanks to you who is reading this, no matter you are a hater, or you really enjoy looking at my outfits, your one simplest comment or “like” is the best motivation for me.

I am not telling you how good my life is.  I have made bad choices.  I have bad times when I weren’t even offered a choice.  But I know, by persevering, you can always create your own happy way during those tough times.  I promise, you will get there.

My 21 birthday wishes as always:

  1. Everyone around me stay healthy and happy
  2. A better DearPostman blog
  3. (secret)

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Can’t be more grateful for every single one of you.
I have no idea what I have done to deserve these much in my life.  But I promise I will keep all your wishes close to my heart.  Forever lufff you all.

  Infobox:  Spring Restaurant  Address: Somerset House, New Wing, Lancaster Place, London WC2R 1LA  Outfit:&nbsp; Kookai Bondi Jumpsuit &nbsp;/&nbsp; Kurt Geiger ANJA Heels  / Alexander Wang clutch

Spring Restaurant
Somerset House, New Wing,
Lancaster Place,
London WC2R 1LA

Outfit: Kookai Bondi Jumpsuit / Kurt Geiger ANJA Heels / Alexander Wang clutch

Last but not least,


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See more photos in Postcard.


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